La Unique is your one stop shop for all your Laser needs. I have experienced hands on the friendly, professional and results oriented staff that ensure you always are satisfied with their attentive care. I have recommended La Unique to many family members and friends and they always thank me for the referral. If you want results this is the place to come to. – Mala
At La Unique Laser Centre the treatment is special, you can say unique. Everyone has a different concern and I for sure Rita’s team can handle them all. She will give you good, honest advice. Her sessions are pain free and cost efficient. Keep up the great, unique service! – Donna
La Unique Laser Centre is very professional and hygenic which is a must for beauty treatments. I have been going for my Laser treatment since January 2014 and am very satisfied with the results. I started with face and underarms and by the next month had signed up for the full body for myself and my daughter. Highly recommend. – Nawaz
Rita, I absolutely LOVE you and your staff! I’ve been a client of yours for a year now and I have seen such amazing results! You’re so accomodating, positive and passionate about what you do. I feel confident coming to you because you and your staff are so knowledgable AND you use top of the line machines. If anyone is considering laser- don’t bother wasting your time going anywhere else. You won’t find better service than hers! – Rooh
Excellent service from Rita and her team! Her staff is very friendly and professional. Not to mention her Centre is gorgeous and she has amazing deals. – Anj
Great experience. Totally satisfied with treatment– Samat
Amazing results, so happy with everything 🙂– Raquel
La Unique Laser Centre, what can I say but wow and thank you! I was reluctant about laser as I had, had some bad experiences before and paid a lot of money for it! I met Rita at La Unique and instantly felt confidence in her personal approach, passion and skill! I started with a treatment and very quickly signed up for unlimited treatments! It’s simple and straight forward, La Unique Laser Centre’s services are more then affordable and more importantly give you actual real results! Bonus is that Rita is always around to talk and give advice on what works for you. The entire team is welcoming and do their best and always make you comfortable. That being said, I have recommended La Unique to my family and friends and to say the least, they are beyond happy with the results! If you are looking for exceptional service and results, this is your place!! Thank you Rita and La Unique Laser!!– Nitee
La Unique Laser Centre is absolutely amazing! I have been doing laser hair removal and my hair is virtually gone. The prices and service is great as well. Have already recommended it to my family and friends!– Charan
The service at la unique laser is amazing. Every time I come in I’m greeted so warmly and my laser results have been amazing and pain free! The prices are also unbeatable and I’ve been quoted over double the cost from places downtown. I recommend them to everyone! Thanks for the amazing service!!– Jasmeet
La Unique Laser Centre Great Services!! Rita Panchal is more like a family now Started with Laser and becoming a family member is just amazing!! Keep it up LA Unique Laser n Team all you guys doing great job!!– Nav
Amazing laser centre couldn’t be happier to work here ! awesome coworkers , very friendly and i have seen great results from all clients !– Ashley
They have great results. They are dedicated and they pay attention to detail. They are very keen are getting the best results. A true example of what a business should be.– Seima
I have had 3 laser sessions so far at La Unique but have had amazing results. Rita you are wonderful, thank you. I recommend you give La Unique a try. You won’t regret it.– Rajvinder
Very happy with results and customer service. Painless treatment. I would recommend to everyone get services from here!!! Very professional technicians!– Deepa
The staff is always welcoming and accommodating. Results are amazing and the best part is it’s painfree– Jigna
La Unique Laser Centre has amazing staff and service. Rita is wonderful and very kind. I have tried other laser centres but have never gotten good results. I have had 2 sessions at La Unique and I can already see the difference. I highly recommend La Unique to anyone that wants to see pain free and permanent results.– Shreya
Absolutely loving the experience and their service is outstanding. I would recommend their services to all. Knowledgeable, passionate, accommodating, and understanding are just a few adjectives to describe their salon and spa– Kiran
Hair was a big problem for me before I was introduced to Rita Panchal at La Unique Laser Centre. The Pain-Free, Hair-Free procedure used has truly transformed me. I had known people who had done laser hair removal and they had always made it out be a massive investment, which I thought I would never be able to afford. La Unique Laser Centre has allowed me to regain my confidence and has really been an affordable investment for me. Don’t ever doubt yourself if you have unwanted hair in visible areas of your body, just know that there are people like Rita out there who are ready to change your life, because she has changed mine. I am so much happier today then I was a year ago simply because I am one problem free. – Sundip Dhanjal – Client since January 2010
Rita has truly changed my life. Life before laser was about worrying when to shave or wax. Imagining life where that was not an issue and I never had to worry about hair again seemed like a dream. Luckily for me, that dream is a reality now where I can just get up shower and go and not have to worry about hair. I had known so many people that had spent so much money and had never seen great results. This is why I was not willing to spend a lot of money or try various methods for hair removal. For the first time though, I had heard some of my friends tell me how they knew someone who provided them affordable, fast and pain free results. I was very surprised and curious, so I tried myself and it became the best decision I ever made. It is truly worth every penny because it will change your life. Imagine going on vacation and not having to bring a single razor? Isn’t that amazing! Well that can definitely be a reality with the laser hair removal system Rita has. – Narinder Singh
Hydra Facial Treatments: I had 6 treatments done with anti-aging option too. Started seeing the results after the very first treatment. The skin looks more healthier, brighter and reducing in fine lines. Skin looks very hydrated as well got lots of compliments from friends and family. I highly recommend it. Thanks to Rita & staff for excellent service! – Sonia Gupta
I had full body laser hair removal done and have seen amazing results! The procedure is pain-free and well worth it. I would recommend La Unique Services to all! – Rajveer Sandhu
I had full body laser treatment and I couldn’t be happier! My results are amazing and the staff is very considerate and professional. I highly recommend La Unique Laser Centre. – Saaqshi Sharma